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<b>Elite Diamonds</b><br>


Elite Diamonds of Rockbridge is a mentoring program designed for young girls in grades 3 through 5.  The mentoring program is based on their good conduct, being a model citizen, exemplifying positive character traits, and doing their best in academics.  These students will participate in field trips, educational opportunities, and community service projects to enhance their learning and build upon their leadership skills.  

2018-2019 Roster 

<b>I-Champions </b><br>

I-Champions is a mentoring program for males in grades 3-5.  Requirements for entry include: character that demonstrates high standards of honesty and reliability, service contribultions to the school and/or community without compensation, leadership, and an academic average of 3.0 (B) or higher. 

<b>Rock Star Steppers</b>

The Rock Star Steppers are a group of 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade students. To be on the team, they are required to maintain a B+ Average in all subjects and have a satisfactory in conduct.  Students are also expected to attend all practices and performances. Practice is held on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm, Study Hall is conducted 30 min before practice begins. Performances are scheduled throughout the entire school year. 

<b>Master Minds</b><br>

The Rockbridge Mastermind Club was established to provide students exciting, fun, and educational opportunities to prepare for upcoming academic competitions in the DeKalb County School District.  It is designed for the student who has a competitive spirit and loves to be challenged academically.  The students will prepare for the Black History Quiz Bowl, the Science Olympiad, the Chess Competition, the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl, the Academic Bowl, the Science and Social Studies Fairs, the Technology Fair, and other competitions held in DeKalb County.  This club is open to 3rd-5th grade students at Rockbridge Elementary. 

The sessions will be held on Tuesdays, from 2:30 p.m. until 3:30 p.m.  During this time, the students will gain new skills and knowledge by participating in academic games, coding, and other STEAM activities.

Students are expected to display mature and appropriate behavior as we do not have time to constantly deal with behavior or attitude issues.  Students must be picked up by 3:30
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