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Rockbridge Elementary

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Rockbridge Elementary School





Rockbridge Elementary School is located in Stone Mountain, Georgia just east of the capital city, Atlanta. The school is nestled in a wooded subdivision near Pine Lake and at the intersections of Rockbridge and Hairston roads. The majority of the students live in the neighborhood surrounding the school. Rockbridge serves students in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade with one Pre-Kindergarten class. In addition, Rockbridge is one of 3 schools in DeKalb County School District that is participating in a Dual-Language Immersion Program where students are immersed in French in Kindergarten through fifth grade.

Rockbridge provides a safe, nurturing and academically challenging learning environment through the implementation of the Georgia Common Core Curriculum which equips students to become productive citizens in a global society. The faculty, staff, parents and community members participate in the decision-making process through the PTA, School Council, Strategic Planning Team and the Leadership Team.

The school's motto is “We are moving from good to great”, and the students are encouraged to do their best in academics as well as activities at Rockbridge.


Rockbridge is a world-class school that provides excellent educational opportunities enabling each student to become a productive citizen and a lifelong learner.


Rockbridge inspires academic excellence and builds character traits.



I am responsible for my behavior because it affects my learning. It is necessary for me to have good manners and be respectful of everyone during the school day. I am at Rockbridge Elementary School to learn, stay on task and do my best work.