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General Instruction: 

Rockbridge Elementary operates on a traditional elementary school format.  Our building houses grades Pre-K through 5th.  Students in grades K-2 remain with the same teacher throughout the instructional day.  During this time, students receive instruction in the core four content areas: English Language Arts/Reading, Math, Social Studies, and Science.  Students in grades 3-5 rotate between two teachers whom either provide instruction in Math and Science or Reading/ELA and Social Studies.  Students in grades K-5 also rotate through five "special area" classes that include: PE/Health, Music, Art, Technology, and Science Lab.  Some students in grades four and five may participate in year-long band. 


French Immersion Program:

Rockbridge Elementary is one of the few elementary schools in the district that participates in a dual language immersion program.  K-5 students who are enrolled in our French Immersion program follow a 50/50 instructional format whereby half of the day they receive core content instruction in French; the other half of the day instruction is delivered in English. Parents are strongly encouraged to enroll students in the program at the beginning of Kindergarten so that students will receive the full benefits of the program during the six years of elementary education. 


ESOL Services (English as a Second Language):

ESOL stands for "English to Speakers of Other Languages."  Children of of international families who qualify for support while honing their skills in English as a second language will attend the course daily for an ESOL lesson.  There are different models for ESOL instruction, however, our school generally follows the "pull-out" model.  Students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade receive ESOL services for 45 minutes a day; while students in grades 4th - 5th receive 50 minutes of ESOL instruction daily. 

Gifted Education:

The Georgia Board of Education defines a gifted student as “a student who demonstrates a high degree of intellectual, creative, and/or artistic ability(ies), possesses exceptional leadership skills, or excels in specific academic fields and who needs special instruction and/or special ancillary services to achieve at levels commensurate with his or her abilities.”

Rockbridge Elementary Gifted Program Guidelines 

DeKalb County Schools Gifted Program Overview 

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