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Circulation Desk

thumbnail_IMG_3198 The Circulation Desk is the place where students check out books, reference materials, and magazines. Each student receives a bar code which is placed on their student planner or a library card is generated. When students are ready to check out, they scan their bar code, and the items are checked out. This completes the check out process.

Fiction Wall

thumbnail_IMG_3189 The Fiction section is where you find longer (chapter) books. Each book is shelved alphabetically (ABC order) by the author's last name. The stories in this section are not true, but they may be set during the time of a true event, such as the Civil War. You can find fiction books by using the Destiny electronic catalog. If you want a fiction book about dogs, you can search the catalog using the key word "dogs," and it will find all the books in the library that deal with dogs, both fact and fiction. You can sort your list by clicking on call number, then locate the books that have F as their call letter. Locate the book you want to read by going to the letter that begins the author's last name. To find Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls, you go to the R wall in the fiction section, and look for RAW in ABC order on the shelf.

Non Fiction Wall

thumbnail_IMG_3193 If you are searching for information, you want to visit the nonfiction section. The books are shelved according to the Dewey Decimal system, so that all the books about the same subject are in the same place. If you are interested in dogs, you can search the Destiny online catalog by typing in the word "dogs." Click on the Call Number button to put the list in order, and look for the books in the 600s. Those books will be information books about dogs.Go to the nonfiction wall where you see 600 on the shelf, and follow the numbers in order until you reach the call number of the book that you want.


media center 6.jpg Students use books from the classroom and school library as well as online resources to help guide their research process. 
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