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Rockbridge ES Title I Parent/Family  - “Pre-K to K” Empowerment Series: 

Hello Families,


This is a follow-up to a commitment to develop a parent and family engagement activity in honor of “The National Parent and Family Engagement” month.   The project chosen is the "Transition to Kindergarten Empowerment Series”. This project has long term and far-reaching benefits – because it is a continuum process.  This series is designed to empower our families with preschoolers and pre-K children, in preparing them to enter "Kindergarten", “Ready To Learn More”!    


A. Goals

B. PowerPoint(s)                                                                                              
  “The Transition To Kindergarten” (Featuring RES Counselor L. Newell)

C. Video(s)
"How Do I Help My Child Prepare for Kindergarten?" 5:35 min (Featuring RES Lead Sp. Ed. Teacher A. Koehler)

D. Informational Flyer(s)                                                                          
  “Transition To Kindergarten” National Center on Early Childcare,

E. Audio(s)                                                                                                            
  “How To Start The Day With Child” ~6:37 min (Featuring RES Lead Sp. Ed. Teacher A. Koehler)

 The Goals of this “Pre-K to K” EMPOWERMENT SERIES are as follows: 

For Families….

  1. To learn fun ways to build a foundation in your child for learning.
  2. To integrate techniques (at home) that are embedded with basic literacy skills in that will help instill self-confidence in your child to be good communicators, readers, listeners, and eventually writers.
  3. To integrate techniques (at home) that enhances basic math awareness that will help instill self-confidence in your child to recognize math as practical, useful, and needful in everyday life.
  4. To minimize separation anxiety of both (parent and child) when it's time for your child to leave home and start regular school.
  5. To turn everyday living into learning opportunities, that will contribute to your child being "Ready for Kindergarten"

Special thanks to Principal Derrick Brown for his support in promoting “Parent and Family Engagement” endeavors, and to Ms. Demetria Purkett-Brown (DCSD Title I Facilitator - Regions IV and VI) for coordinating outreach activities in our regions, designed to “Empower Families” in recognition of the National Family Engagement Month and beyond.  

Also, we give a shout-out of recognition and thanks to the following contributors that helped to make this endeavor a reality: 

  • Ms. Anne Koehler, M.Ed. Educational Leadership and RES Sp. Ed. Lead Teacher 
  • Ms. LaTesha Newell, RES Counselor, PreK-2 Grades

Since this is a continuum “EMPOWERMENT” series, we extend thanks to the other certified and classified staff that will add to this virtual and easily accessible treasure chest of knowledge and wisdom for parents and guardians of young children.



Natalie Jones, Title I Parent Center Liaison

Rockbridge Elementary School


Title I Parent Engagement Information

Rockbridge Elementary School
 Title I Input Opportunities beginning September 15,2021 - September 30, 2021 

Parents, The Title I Stakeholder Input meeting is one of the most important meetings of the year!  Please join us to help plan for the 2021-2022 school year. The focus of all Title I programs is to help eligible students meet the same high academic achievement standards expected of all children. We will be discussing our goals, planning the budget, discussing the needs of parents, and providing ideas for teacher training for next year. This year's school compact, policy, and DCSD Policy are available for your review. 

Title I Stakeholder Input Survey Link: Click here 

link from the live recorded meetings:

Title I Parents & Stakeholders Information 

Dear Rockbridge ES Stakeholder, 

Welcome Rockbridge ES Parents, Guardians, and Stakeholders! "YOU" are invited to our virtual family and stakeholders’ engagement workshops. This is a virtual forum setup to connect and collaborate with you on regular basis to build a "POWER SUPPORT TEAM" for our students’ success in learning.
We will be sharing about the grade level curriculum, educational websites and apps, assessments for elementary students, English Language Learners, social emotional learning (SEL), parent tips-tools-and resources, plus more. Our goal is to build capacity of our families and stakeholders, with the explicit purpose of empowering for successful student outcomes. 

The presenters are administrators, teachers, instructional coaches, Title I Parent Liaison, and other specialized personnel (Rockbridge School Caring Counselors; DCSD Social Worker, and etc.).   

We look forward to seeing you and your family in our Zoom workshops! Have a safe and great school year!

Ms. Jones

Below are the revised dates, time, and Zoom access information:

or you may use, Meeting ID: 94511376099 Passcode: tSnm3d + Rockbridge ES Title I Parents & Stakeholders Virtual University – (REVISED SCHEDULE as of September 1, 2021) Please mark your calendar with these dates and time below. 
Time: 6pm -7pm EST (On Wednesdays) 
First Semester: (Year 2021) August 18 & 25; September 15; October 6 & 20; November 3 & 17; and December 1 & 15. 
Second Semester: (Year 2022) January 12 & 26; February 9 & 23; March 9 & 23; April 20; and May 4 & 18.
 (Note: Each session will begin at 6:00 P.M.)

Please provide feedback on our Title I Parent University Workshops. 

Hello Parents and Guardians, 

Infinite Campus Parent Portal provides grades and attendance updates to our families on your mobile device and desktop computers. By completing the form below, you are giving permission for Ms. Joanne Potts, Rockbridge ES Parent Liaison, to start processing your request for either to create or reset your Infinite Campus Account.


“What Is Title I?”

Rockbridge Elementary School is a Title I School, thus we receive Federal funds that enable us to provide electronic, digital, and other educational resources along with qualified personnel to provide quality instruction to all our students. Additionally, Title I funds our Scholastic and IXL programs, instructional coaches, the parent liaison personnel, online parenting resources, an educational resource loan-library, and more.

In terms of the overall school's initiatives, a Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP), a Rockbridge Title I Policy, and a yearly School-Parent Compact Agreement are documents developed to meet the reporting and accountability requirements of the legislation and District's guidelines. We provide opportunities for input and feedback to all our parents, guardians, staff, and stakeholders in the on-going pursuit of excellence, school improvement, students' growth and academic success.

For your convenience, the link for each document is attached below. We ask that you download and read them. Although we schedule official Title I Input Meetings annually for input, we also provide a 24x7 online forum stakeholders may use for input on a 24X7 basis. If necessary, hardcopies may be obtained in our school front office and in the Rockbridge ES parent center. Free downloads of current documents are available from our parent liaison's Classroom Dojo page and the links below. We have also provided a link for you to submit your feedback on these documents.

As you will see when you download the school's policy and compact, there is a link where you may submit any comment or feedback throughout the year. (It will be review for inclusion in the revision for FY22, as deemed appropriate and feasible.

“Title I Documents”
They are as follows:

1. Rockbridge Elementary School CSIP (FY19-21)
2. Rockbridge Elementary School's Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy (FY19-21)
3. Rockbridge Elementary School-Parent Compact Agreement (FY19-21)
4. FY21 Title I Parent and Family Engagement (PFE) Survey
5. FY19-21 DCSD Title I Plan (Policy) (Post Pending)

- Title I Parents & Stakeholders University (PU) August 2021: RES Title I PU - 8/18/21; RES Title I PU - 8/25/21 
(Forth Coming)_September 2021: October 2021: November 2021: December 2021: January 2022: February 2022: March 2022: April 2022: May 2022:


More Resourceful Documents and Videos
Copyright & Plagiarism– (# 1 & 2) 
Developmental Milestones - (#3) 
Homework Tips & Facts” – (#4 & 5)


1. Understanding Copyright

2. Avoiding Plagiarism

3. Homework Tips 

4. “Helping your Child with Disabilities with Homework Fact Sheet”, Parent to Parent of Georgia, www.p2pga.org; Georgia Department of Education, Divisions for Special Education Services and Supports, http://www.gadoe.org/ci_exceptional.aspx

5. “Developmental Milestones for Second and Third Graders” – (Physical, Cognitive, Language, Social and Emotional Milestones), Amanda Morin, 

…For more additional information please see link below. 

How to access the TEAMS Platform

How to access Verge

Digital Resources Sheet with usernames & passwords

Free & Low Cost Home Internet Service

If you need additional information, then please contact the Rockbridge ES Title I Parent Liaison, Ms. Natalie Jones at (678) 676-6133 or via email listed below.
Thank you for your continued support towards your child's academic success and your quest for continuous growth "Empowerment".

Rockbridge ES Title I Program
Ms. Natalie Jones, Title I Parent Liaison
 Email: Natalie_Jones@dekalbschoolsga.org
(678) 676-6133 Office # 

Regional Family Engagement Facilitator

Demetria Purkett - Brown

 Family Engagement Facilitator Region VI

Student Advancement Department

Office of Accountability

Region VI Family Engagement Center is located at: 

2106 Columbia Drive  

Decatur, Georgia 30032

404-664-3511 (Cell) 678-874-0929 (Center)


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